Common Questions

Why are documents notarized?  To deter fraud.  The notary is an impartial witness and is verifying that the signers of the documents are who they claim to be.

Can any Document be Notarized?  The document must contain text committing the signer in some way (example: buying a home)

Can a Notary notarize Immigration Papers?  Yes.

Can a Notary help prepare immigration papers?  yes, if qualified and bonded as an immigration consultant.

Notarizing Wills.  Always consult an attorney, but yes, a notary can notarize a will.

Can a notary notarize a document that is in a foreign language?  Yes, provide the document appears to be complete (we aren’t)

Can you notarize a document when the signer speaks only a foreign language? No, our office only speaks English, it is best to use the services of a notary who speaks the same language.

Can a Notary notarize an incomplete document? No.

What form of ID do I need?

  • Current Drivers license issued from any US state, or Canada, or Mexico
  • Current ID card issued from any US state
  • Employee ID card issued by an angency of office of the Secratary of California, or by any city, county or city and county.
  • Passport issued by the US.
  • Passport issued by a foreign governement (IF STAMPED when entered the US).
  • US Military ID card (not a Common Access Card)

Will expired forms of ID work?  They can, but check with Dan

What if the ID is expired, lost, destroy, and I need a document notarized?  call or text Dan.

What is involved with getting a document notarized?

  • Signer must make a personal appearance
  • Notary identifies the signer with approved list of ID
  • Notary fills in information in his/her journal
  • Notary usually takes a thumb print

How do I get a certified copy of a passport ? or Drivers License?  Sort of.  A notary can’t certify copies of passports or drivers licenses, but a notary can provide a similar service called a Certified copy by Document Custodian.  This should be suitable for foreign governments.  Steps:

  1. Photocopy the item
  2. Write a statement on the photocopy that the photocopy is a true and genuine photocopy of the original document.
  3. Bring to Notary, swear or affirm an oath, and Notary will attach a jurat

I need an Apostille.  See this website: